10 top political developments in Montenegro in 2017

  1. On 15 February, upon the request of the Special State Prosecutor’s Office, MPs lifted parliamentary immunity of the Democratic Front’s (DF) leaders Andrija Mandic and Milan Knezevic over their involvement in the terrorism attempt on election day in October 2016.
  2. On 15 February, in Parliament DF MP Marina Jocic slapped the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) MP Marta Scepanovic.
  3. On 28 April, the Parliament of Montenegro unanimously passed the Bill on the Ratification of the North Atlantic Treaty.
  4. On 5 June, exactly at 6pm Montenegro joined NATO and became a part of the family of the most powerful countries.
  5. On 20 June, in Brussels, within EU negotiations, Montenegro opened Chapter 1 on the free movement of goods and Chapter 22 on regional policy, and temporarily closed Chapter 30 on external relations.
  6. On 1 August, United States Vice President Mike Pence arrived on an official two-day visit to Montenegro, at the invitation of Prime Minister Dusko Markovic.
  7. On 13 August, Vladimir Jokovic was elected as the new Socialist People’s Party (SNP) president at the 8th Extraordinary Congress of the party. He won 224 votes, whereas former MP Snezana Jonica won 199 votes.
  8. On 8 November, it was the 1st anniversary of establishing the 26th convocation of the Parliament of Montenegro chaired by speaker Ivan Brajovic.
  9. On 28 November, the 1st anniversary of the PM Dusko Markovic’s government was marked.
  10. On 26 November, local elections were held in four Montenegrin municipalities: Cetinje, Petnjica, Mojkovac and Tuzi. The DPS won majority of seats.

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