55 test-tube babies born to date

Bolnica Danilo I

The Department of Human Reproduction in the Cetinje-based General Hospital ‘Danilo Prvi’ has come up with impressive results. Ever since the Department was established back in 2007 until today, over 1,600 childbirths occurred and more than 55 test-tube babies were born, Mr Željko Lazović, head of this Department, tells Dan daily.

According to him, fertility problems in Montenegro exist just like in any other country of the region.

“Every sixth couple faces this problem. The truth is that the problem exists equally in women and men. Our everyday practice shows that couples need a lot of time until they go see a doctor who is specifically dealing with this matter. Some patients fear dealing with the problem and in that way lose their precious time, and sometimes, unfortunately, a gynecologist prescribes inadequate treatment,” Mr Lazović says.

As he explains, if a woman is under 35 and has been trying to conceive for a year, it’s time to get some help at some of the centers for infertility treatment, and if she’s over 35, she should do the same after six months.

For the first seven months of this year, he says, 115 processes of in vitro fertilization were carried out, 70 inseminations, 300 hysteroscopies and 380 first diagnoses, all of which required perfect job organization and efficiency of the whole team.



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