A boycott of Committee is harmful to MNE and opposition itself

Damon Vilson

After the decision of the Parliament of Montenegro to extend mandate of the Election Legislation Committee was positively assessed by the European Commission, the U.S. Department of State sent a message of its support.

The State Department welcomed formation of the Committee on Further Reform of Electoral and Other Legislation and emphasized that any boycott of its operations might lead to adverse consequences for Montenegro. It [the State Dept.] very much approved of the recent developments in Montenegro and urged all the parties to continue with the dialogue with the Government of Montenegro.

Commenting on the current situation in MNE, the Executive Vice President at Atlantic Council of the United States, Damon Wilson, in an interview with Voice of America, VOA, told he entirely agreed with estimations that this has been an important step forward in establishing the political dialogue, noting that he didn’t consider boycott as a good tactic.

Mr Wilson said: “I think boycott is harmful to Montenegro, the democratic institutions, and the processes that the opposition is allegedly trying to protect. You have to find your own way to win the elections and enter the election race.”

It’s high time for Montenegro to accelerate reform process, according to him.



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