A person outside the party will lead DF electoral list


A non-party person, close to Serbian corpus and Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral will be holder of the electoral list of the coalition led by Democratic Front (DF).

Several sources of Pobjeda close to this political alliance said that leader of New Serbian Democracy, Mr Andrija Mandić, had stated that the top of the list would belong to non-party person, an intellectual close to Serbian Orthodox Church.

“However, Mr Mandić accepted to be on the list”, the source said.

Mr Mandić let the electoral list of DF in the last parliamentary elections when it acquired 18 terms of office.

By the end of week, DF will try to form wider coalition, to keep the promise given to Mr Aleksandar Vučić.

Mr Andrija Mandić has said earlier that he firmly believes in victory of the opposition and that he will do his best to make that happen.


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