AirSerbia announces 18 flights per week to Montenegro

Air Serbia

Following the shutdown of the national airline, Montenegro Airlines, Serbia’s national carrier, AirSerbia, has taken bigger planes on flights to the capital Podgorica and the town of Tivat. The Serbian company claims that there’s a higher number of passengers on these routes as well as that the prices of tickets haven’t increased so far, reported Pobjeda daily.

They [AirSerbia] also say that they have been carefully monitoring demand, boosted capacities and aligned flights accordingly.

“Right now, flights are running five times a week to Tivat and 13 times to Podgorica,” AirSerbia noted and announced they intended to introduce 20 flights per week to Tivat and Podgorica during summer.

Still, they didn’t precisely say how many passengers they had hosted on their routes to Montenegro, and failed to report whether and for how much the number of air passengers increased after MA was shut down.

MA, on the other hand, state that airline fares were agreed on with AirSerbia until air services of the company [MA] were interrupted.

AirSerbia however warns that air fares may spike in case planes of MA don’t fly again soon.



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