Aligrudic: We expect that around 4,000 mothers with three or more children will return to receiving pensions

Ranko Aligrudić, Foto: RTCG

If the amendments to the Pension and Disability Insurance Act are adopted, around 72,000 Montenegrin pensioners will have the right to a minimum pension in the amount of €450. This was said for TVCG by the director of the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund (PIO), Ranko Aligrudic, who pointed out that the increase was key to raising the standards of pensioners.

“We cannot say the exact number of pensioners who will be receiving a €450 pension as of 1 January 2024, but it is estimated that there are about 72,000 pension beneficiaries, of which 40,600 receive the current €296 minimum pension, 28,000 pensioners who receive a pension in the range between the current lowest and the future lowest and about 4,000 mothers with three or more children”, Aligrudic pointed out.

He emphasized that the PIO Fund looked forward to any increase in pensions, although he is of the opinion that an increase in this way creates a certain disharmony, and that it is clear to him that pensioners with 30 or more years of service expect higher pensions than those with some 10 years of service.

“But if they were in the position of those who currently live on the minimum wage, then they would not say that it is discrimination. There are also pensioners with full service, but they worked in those failed companies, for the minimum wage, where the government linked the years of service and their pensions were very small”, pointed out Aligrudic.

He added that the PIO Fund communicated with pensioners on a daily basis.


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