Amfilohije ordered Danilovic to withdraw: Milacic to follow?

Mitropolit Amfilohije

United Montenegro’s leader Goran Danilovic announced two days ago that he would withdraw his presidential candidacy in favour of the opposition candidate Mladen Bojanic. According to Dnevne Novine’s information, the decision was preceded by a series of Danilovic’s meetings with the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro, Metropolitan Amfilohije.

Danilovic said he had a sufficient number of signatures, but he believed that it was time to give the chance to the opposition candidate “who enjoys support of the opposition MPs”.

However, such a decision was allegedly required by Metropolitan Amfilohije. Dnevne Novine’s source claims that Amfilohije will start putting pressure on Marko Milacic. It may happen that he will withdraw his candidacy and support Bojanic in the last minute.

Milacic, however, says that this will not happen.

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