Amfilohije: I am into politics because of traitors

Metropolitan Amfilohije says he will be involved in politics as long as those who run the country are traitors of Montenegro and their ancestors, the RTCG news portal reports. The Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral said this during the Easter processions on Monday in Zelenika near Herceg Novi.

Amfilohije also said he could not remain silent because his dignity did not allow that.

“Let them say that I am into politics. Let them be engaged in politics and not be traitors of their ancestors, of St. Peter of Cetinje and of martyrdom bones planted not only in Montenegro and its borders but also in Kosovo and Metohija. Let them not be that and then I will kneel in front of them and kiss their feet. But when they deny God, I cannot do that. If I remain silent, the stones will speak,” said Amfilohije.

He explained when he would stop being involved in politics.

“I am not going to be engaged in politics, just let our leaders begin to do their job, to take care of Montenegro, its soul and face. Let them not sold themselves for handful of coins as they intend to do and Amfilohije will stop talking,” Amfilohije said.

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