ANB conducts investigations over financing terrorism


The National Security Agency of Montenegro, ANB, has been checking on several persons on suspicion of financing terrorism. Secret agents seem to know that certain Montenegro nationals have been transmitting money to foreign battlefields and that is why they asked the Administration for Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism, USPNFT, to make certain checks as well.

Dan daily reveals the Special State Prosecutor’s Office, SDT, has been also included in the investigation.

The reports on suspicious transactions were filed in the first 6 months this year and the official reports of the USPNFT and SDT do not mention the number of persons involved. However, the 2017 USPNFT’s report said several transactions worth around EUR 8.5 million in total were blocked on suspicion of money laundering or financing terrorism.

The institutions included in the investigation related to financing terrorism are the USPNFT, relevant state prosecutor’s offices and the ANB.

According to the reports, Montenegrin nationals took part in the conflict in Syria, whereas some of them died as ISIL fighters. Media has also reported that several people are still in battlefields, assisting terrorists.

In Montenegro, a person convicted on terrorism charges is to be jailed for 10 years, based on the provisions of the Criminal Code of Montenegro.




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