Arrest warrant against Jovanovic this week

An international warrant against Serbian citizen Nikola Jovanovic (54), who is suspected of killing Igor Mitrovic (39) from Bar will be issued this week, Pobjeda’s sources of close to investigation unofficially confirmed.

According to the police, Jovanovic killed Mitrovic on 18 July near his home in the Susanj neighbourhood in Bar.

Serbian police are also searching for Jovanovic in order to question him within the investigation in murders committed on the territory of that country.

According to the operational information of the Serbian police, the suspect Jovanovic is not on the territory of Serbia.

At a conference held on Monday, investigators said that they assume where the suspect Jovanovic was hiding, but did not want to reveal the country due to the investigation.

It was said that criminal gang score-settling was probably the reason for the murder.

Mitrovic was killed in his car when he stopped to enter the regional road Bar-Sutomore. His wife and children were in the vicinity.

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