Arrest warrant against Nikola Jovanovic over Mitrovic’s murder

An international arrest warrant has been issued against Serbian citizen Nikola Jovanovic (54) from Zajecar. He is suspected of murdering Igor Mitrovic (39) from Bar on 18 July in the vicinity of the victim’s house between Susanj and Crvanj neighbourhoods, Pobjeda writes.

The killer was identified after court expert analyses, witness testimonies and video surveillance. According to information obtained by Pobjeda, Mitrovic’s murder has been a consequence of a score-settling related to drug smuggling.

Jovanovic murdered Mitrovic in front of his wife and children.

Serbian police provided great help to its Montenegrin colleagues when it supplied them with information on this multiple offender.

Jovanovic is currently neither in Serbia nor in Montenegro. Montenegrin police have not rule out the possibility that Mitrovic’s murder was not the first one committed by Jovanovic.

He was earlier suspected and convicted for extortion, kidnapping and fraud. Jovanovic was convicted in Serbia to 13.5 years in prison which he had served before 1997. After that he was sentenced to 8 years in prison over a kidnapping and was released from prison in 2015. Currently he is wanted in Serbia over suspicions that he committed some murders in that country.

Jovanovic has changed his name and documents three times.


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