Bečić: Initiatives aiming to change country’s national symbols won’t be launched

Aleksa Bečić

The leader of the Democratic Montenegro and Montenegro Parliament Speaker, Mr Aleksa Bečić, has pointed out to the principles arising from the agreement signed by the three leaders of the winning blocs, which will represent foundations of a new, democratic and pro-European government of Montenegro.

He recalled that they had pledged to implement responsibly all current international commitments, boost and improve the cooperation with the NATO Alliance, carry out all necessary reforms for Montenegro’s full membership in the EU and perform the complete depolitization of key state bodies, with the aim of ensuring an uncompromising fight against organized crime and corruption, the Democratic Montenegro said in a statement.

Mr Bečić reiterated that he was going to adhere to the Constitution of Montenegro and would not launch any initiatives with the aim of changing the country’s national symbols.

“Bečić has added that, according to the Agreement, the new democratic government in Montenegro won’t seek to withdraw recognition of Kosovo, won’t carry out revanchism on a political or any other basis, whereas all laws will be passed or revised in line with the European standards in order to accelerate Montenegro’s membership into the EU,” says the statement following yesterday’s meeting of Mr Bečić and President of the Civic URA Movement, Mr Dritan Abazović, with Mr David McAllister, Chair of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee and EPP Vice-President, Mr Reinhard Butikofer, Member of the European Parliament and Foreign Affairs Committee, Mr Simon Ilse, Director of the Belgrade Office of the Heinrich Boll Foundation, and Director of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Belgrade Office, Mr Norbert Beckman-Dierkes.

Mr Bečič especially highlighted the commitment of a new democratic government to enable minority parties to take part in the government regardless of their parliamentary status. He’s clearly noted that the new government will be pro-Montenegrin, pro-Western and pro-European.

“The European Union represents the top priority of the new democratic government in Montenegro,” he underlined.




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