Begić: This is an epidemic hell


Increased number of patients infected with coronavirus is the consequence of what has been happening at the beginning of June, said Dr Senad Begić, assistant director of the Institute for Public Health.


“Tough times are ahead of us. They are going to be even tougher if we don’t adhere to measures”, Dr Begić warned.

Dr Begić said that “there are persons who are infected but show no symptoms”.

“This is an epidemic hell. Anyone can be infected. The only way to protect yourself is to keep safe distance and wear masks”, Dr Begić said

Five patients on ventilator

Director of the Emergency Center, Dr Nermin Abdić, said that one patient was in critical condition.

“Berane hospital has taken 29 patients, four of whom are in critical condition and on ventilator. Eleven patients are in Bar and nine are in Nikšić. Two patients have been admitted to the hospital in Pljevlja”, Dr Abdić pointed out.

As far as elections are concerned, Dr Begić says that measures should be adopted by consensus.

“We must be sure that health is not endangered”, he pointed out.

Another 5.000 tests soon to arrive

Dr Begić said that currently they have a couple thousand of tests.

“Around 5.000 tests are expected to arrive tomorrow or after tomorrow”, Dr Begić said.

Pending result

At today’s conference, Dr Begić said that one person in Rožaje passed away today. The person is suspected of having died due to coronavirus.

“We are waiting for the result of the analysis”, Dr Begić explained.


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