Betting places earned 16 million EUR in two years


Owners of betting places generated almost 16 million EUR income in the last two years.  Average gross salary of the employees amounted 325 EUR, as data provided by the Tax Administration show.

The highest income of one of the betting places in 2017 was 2,25 million EUR. Miomir M. Mugoša, CEO of the Tax Administration, didn’t tell the name of the betting place which earned that money.

The representatives of the Tax Administration say that there are taxpayers who fulfill their duties timely but there are also those who are late.

“We should mention that taxpayers who are registered under the code 9200 in the system of the Tax Administration also do other activities and own other facilities and have employees for that matter. Data on their income, taxable profit, number of employees and their salaries are collected cumulatively, and not by the types of the activities they do”, explain the representatives of the Tax Administration.

Taxpayers who perform betting activities are always under control, but supervision over games of chance is exercised by the Games of Chance Administration, whereas the tax Administration controls the accuracy of the bills of statement, tax payments etc.


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