Bogdanović: Culture implies high dose of discipline and responsibility

Ministarstvo kulture Crne Gore pridružilo se kampanji #Ostanidoma! Ministar Aleksandar Bogdanović pozvao je građane Crne Gore da ostanu kod kuće i pokažu kreativnost, ali iznad svega ozbiljnost u skladu sa trenutnom situacijom, te da poštuju mjere Nacionalnog koordinacionog tijela.#AleksandarBogdanovic#OstaniDoma!#ZivimoKulturu#MinistarstvoKultureCrneGore

Gepostet von Ministarstvo kulture Crne Gore am Samstag, 21. März 2020

Ministry of Culture of Montenegro has joined the #Ostanidoma campaign (Stayathome) and called on Montenegrin citizens to stay at home and show creativity, but most of all seriousness in accordance with the current state of affairs.

“Today, I am not going to address to you from the places I am usually expected to do that. I am not going to talk about the culture we see in the theatre, gallery, cinema, or cabinet, but I am definitely going to talk about culture. The form of culture we might be neglecting in the 21st century because we live fast and don’t have much time. The culture of home, that has been the backbone of the development of a man and the world for centuries. Montenegro is faced with one of the greatest challenges in its recent history. We must be responsible, stay at home and protect ourselves and others. I urge you to spend your time at home with your family, to resort to good books, movies, music… Don’t forget that culture implies high dose of creativity and even higher dose of discipline and responsibility. Let’s demonstrate that through messages we are going to convey from our homes. Stay at home”, Mr Bogdanović said in his video message.


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