Bojanić opened the door to Vijesti’s researchers to investigate former govt’s actions

While the country has been struggling with the economic, health, political and social crisis, the government of Prime Minister, Zdravko Krivokapić, is dealing with actions of the former government, frantically trying to find their mistakes, then organize extraordinary press conferences and brag about their success, Dnevne Novine daily reported.

According to DN, Capital Investment Minister, Mladen Bojanić, opened the door to ‘researchers’ of the pro-government media ‘Vijesti’ so that they can jointly search for mistakes, as the new show for the public should be organized following their [government’s] catastrophic response to the fight against the coronavirus, covert borrowing amounting to almost a billion euro, the shutdown of the national airline, secret purchase of planes, as well as brutal revanchism on a political basis.

Instead of sticking his nose in the former government’s business, Minister Bojanić might think about dealing with lives of hundreds of now-jobless families of Montenegro Airlines who first suffered a series of changes of the new government.

The public will definitely remember his nonchalant announcement that the national airline would be shut down, like it was about the closure of a shop or a fast-food restaurant. Although the government is responsible for this act, the shutdown of MA is mostly linked with Minister Bojanić.





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