Bošković: No rush to produce armament, that’s the objective of the Alliance

Minister of Defense, Mr Predrag Bošković, is taking part in the meeting of the North Atlantic Council at the level of ministers of defense which is taking place in Brussels.

Ministers have analyzed contemporary security environment with the aim of developing abilities for adequate and due response to all challenges. Special focus has been put on the innovation in the area of technological development, particularly military technology.

Meeting of the Ministers of Defense of NATO Member States is taking place at the crucial moment for the future of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), a very significant element in the armament control. Participants agreed that NATO would draw attention to strengthening defense.

They have stated that the nature of potential threats is constantly changing and requires a comprehensive response of all international subjects. Importance of joint action of NATO and EU has been pointed out once again.

Minister Bošković has stressed the importance of the efforts that allies put in the process of adaptation to contemporary security flows. He said it was very important to be united within NATO and that the Alliance stayed committed to the protection of citizens. Montenegro, as reliable NATO member, is implementing NATO policies responsibly and we will keep doing that, said Minister Bošković.

“This meeting is a good opportunity for some answers. The most important thing is that this meeting confirms union of the Alliance and gives answers to several challenges – critical ones: Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty which has been violated by Russia for quite some time”, says Minister Bošković.

On the other side, the key is strengthening the most important postulate of the Alliance – deterrence policy and defense.


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