BP to become EPP member in September

Sead Šahman

Member of the Executive Committee for International Cooperation of Bosniak Party, Mr Sead Šahman, said in the interview for Pobjeda that in autumn his party would become full member of the European People’s Party, the greatest political group in the European Parliament.

“The next EPP assembly will be held on 9 and 10 September in Brussels. Bosniak party has already received invitation for the meeting and formed representation delegation”, said Mr Šahman.

According to him, what his party has done so far in the integration of BP into EPP is a great recommendation.

“I hold that membership in great European political families represents the best possible kind of international recognition and legitimacy. That will be a considerable advantage on the domestic political stage”, said Mr Šahman.

As minority party, why did you opt for that political group?

Mr Šahman: Bosniak party is characterized by stability of political actions. We have made significant contribution to the achievement of one of the most important strategic objectives – NATO membership. We strongly support EU membership. IN addition, we managed to integrate minority nations into institutions and we urge them to take more active part in the decision-making process. Establishment of partnership with EPP  is important as we share a lot of common values with those political subjects. Strengthening relations and ties with EPP will contribute to strengthening EU-Montenegro relations as well.

We are encouraging pro-European forces in a candidate country and amid all the current problems, that’s of paramount importance. I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that our partners had made considerable contribution to the EPP membership process. “Konrad Adenauer”, “Robert Schuman” Institute to name just a few.

How long did the negotiations last? What requirements were you supposed to meet?

Mr Šahman: I’ll remind you that we sent official accession application two years ago. However, we have been considering that idea for more than five years and we have put in a lot off hard work and effort into the process. It’s important to stress that young people in BP have recognized international progress,

EPP delegation visited BP in June 2018. It was headed by Vice-President of EPP member of the EP, Mr Paul Rangel. That visit was substantial and had important role in the entire process. BP has been recognized as political organization which is making significant contribution to further Montenegrin integration. Meetings with EPP officials were constructive and held in warm and friendly atmosphere.

What’s the view of EPP on the EU enlargement?

Mr Šahman: New President of the EC, Ms Ursula von  der Leyen, who comes from the EPP, has called on the EU Member states to stick to the WB open door policy. Mr David McAllister, Chief of the EP Foreign Affairs  Committee, also spoke about Ms von der Leyen’s commitment to the enlargement. Mr McAllister advocates for the enlargement policy too. I think such messages are encouraging for our region.

Which Montenegrin political party belongs to EPP?

Mr Šahman: We will have that honor of being the first party from Montenegro to be part of such powerful political alliance. That will urge us to keep making contribution to the development of party institutes and network, investing in human capital and development of political skills and training.


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