British Hello!: Montenegro a jewel in Adriatic crown, a refreshing Regent hotel


As it was announced from hotel Regent, aforementioned article was inspired by the recent visit of the Prince of Wales and Dutchess of Cornwall to the region, and it gives many details and recommendations when it comes to the touristic offer. 

With headline “Where to stay” it is stated that Regent Porto Montenegro is largely characterized by neo-classical style. 

“On the very coast, it’s a convenient and comfortably refreshing address with an emphasis on nautical style”, it was added in the text. 

Journalist defined Montenegro as a “jewel in the crown of Adriatic”. 

Hello! is a weekly magazine which started publishing in 1988 and has a weekly circulation of over 267.000 copies, and it covers lifestyle of celebrities with special emphasis on British royal family. 

The story on Montenegro was published in 18th of April edition. 

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