British magazines presented Montenegro

Daily Star reporter described Montenegro as a tiny Balkan country with magnificent mountains, landscapes and medieval villages. The author was delighted by rafting through the deepest canyon of the Tara river and enjoying the spectacular waterfalls and caves.

Sara Boyle, author of the text on Montenegro in The Sun magazine, described the Old City of Kotor as a puzzle made up of medieval buildings on the narrow cobbled paths.

“Turquoise waters of Kotor and the spectacular mountains surrounding it are typical for Montenegro, a country that is accessible to tourists from the UK through direct flights from Manchester and Gatwick”, she said.

Journalist of Manchester Evening News writes about Montenegro as a small country with a number of advantages to become a popular tourist destination for visitors from the UK as it was 30 years ago.

“This is one of those lucky small countries, which has beautiful beaches and mountain ranges, so that it takes less than two hours to get from sunbathing in the sand to skiing in the snow”, Manchester Evening News article says.

Nigel Thompson from the Mirror newspaper says that Montenegro is a glamorous destination that is rightfully becoming one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Europe.

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