Budget for medicines lacks €16m

Klinički centar Crne Gore

The parliamentary committee on health, labour and social welfare discussed yesterday the 2018 Draft Budget Law, according to which the Ministry of Health will get €9m more and the Ministry of Labour €40m less from the state budget then in 2017.

The budget of the Ministry of Health for 2018 will amount to about €205m, which is about €9m more than in 2017. The funds will be used, said health minister Kenan Hrapovic, to improve the health care, treatments abroad, as well as for new projects such as an electronic health booklet and the cervical cancer screening project which will be extended to all health centres in Montenegro.

The director of the Health Insurance Fund Sead Cirgic said that €52m is planned to be allocated for drugs and medical devices, whereas the fund estimated the expenditures on this basis to be about €68m by the end of the year, ie €16m lower.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare’s budget is planned to be €96m, a €40m reduction compared to 2017. The reason for lowering assets for this ministry is the fact that allowances fro mothers of three or more children has been abolished.

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