Bugajski: Putin “bombarded” Trump with disinformation about Montenegro


Russian president Vladimir Putin definitely “bombarded” Trump with disinformation about Montenegro and other countries during the closed Summit which took place in Helsinki. Since his return in Washington, American president has been giving numerous controversial statements which sparked heaps of critics, says for “Pobjeda” American analyst Janusz Bugajski.

Reminder: In the interview for Fox News, Trump spoke about NATO functioning and its financing. Journalists stated that membership in the Alliance obliges Member States to defend every country that had been attacked and then asked Trump to explain why would his son go to defend Montenegro, for instance.

“I understand your question. I was wondering the same. Montenegro is a small country with very strong people. They are very tough. Very aggressive people. They might even become more aggressive and if that happens, congratulations, we’re in the World War III”, said Trump.

Bugajski, however, reminds that the President Trump was asked these questions by a political commentator who is known to be against Alliance and favors Russia.

“Trump’s comments don’t influence the politics. He enjoys controversy but he has probably forgotten already what he said about Montenegro”, said Bugajski.

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