CGES: Pleased with the pace of underwater cable construction

Montenegrin Electro-distributive System CGES is pleased with the pace of construction that will ensure connection of underwater cable to the distribution network of Montenegro, said executive director Ivan Bulatovic.

He reminded that the construction of stations Lastva – Cevo – Pljevlja, Lastva and the cable itself is a part of trans-Balkan corridor that will connect Montenegro, Serbia and Romania and Western Europe.

“Underwater cable between Montenegro and Italy is one of the official projects of importance for EU”, Bulatovic said.

Total value of the project is around billion euros, and the project is set to position Montenegro as an important energy center.

EU has recognized Montenegro’s efforts in the project, so CGES received 25 million euros in grants. Until 2019, CGES is set to complete construction on transmission line 400Kv Pljevlja2 – Bajina Basta and Pljevlja2 – Visegrad, up to the border with Serbia, and stations Brezna.

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