Changes in Vijesti’s managerial structure as of October

ND Vijesti

As of October 1st, Vijesti’s new editor-in-chief would be Srdan Kosovic, while the former chief editor, Mihailo Jovović, will now take over the responsibility of a program director.

Marijana Kadić-Bojanić will be a director executive of ‘Vijesti’, thus replacing Željko Ivanović, reported Vijesti and Dnevne Novine daily.

According to unofficial information, Filip Ivanović, a son of Željko Ivanović, could be a new chief of Vijesti news portal.

All of these changes have already been announced, as Mihailo Jovović wanted to change the position long time ago, while Željko Ivanović announced his stepping down from the current position last year.

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