Charges against director of Thermal Power Plant and three more persons

Montenegrin police have brought charges against Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja and four responsible persons, Mr Vladimir Šestović among them, on the grounds of the ecological incident and fish pestilence in the rivers Vezišnica and Ćehotina.

The police have filed charges against Electric Power Company of Montenegro (EPCG) and Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja on suspicion of committing environmental crime.

The charges includes D.B, manager of the Sector for Operation Control and Planning, R.D., shift engineer in the Thermal Power Plant and S.V., environment protection expert.

“Police officers established that there’s reasonable suspicion that these persons had committed criminal offences. R.D. ordered the manager of dredger station to open drainage valve outside the thermal power plant area. Wastewater flowed into Vezišnica causing ecological incident and fish pestilence in Vezišnica and Ćehotina”,  said the representatives of Police Department.

Considering that there’s suspicion that the employees in the EPCG and thermal power plant have been doing this before, the police and the Prosecution Office are undertaking necessary measures in that context.




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