Cheaper ADSL and calls within Telekom’s landline network

Crnogorski Telekom

The prices of calls from the landline network and the subscription for Crnogorski Telekom’s ADSL plans will be lower as of 1st May, the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (EKIP) decided.

In the decision made by this regulatory body yesterday, it is specified that the call rates towards other landline networks within the country will be lower by 40% and by 10% to mobile networks, as well as the cost of calls towards mobile and landline networks in the second, third and fourth international zones.

“Based on the Agency’s decision, Telekom’s retail prices will be lower by 10% for all ADSL plans, so the price of monthly subscription (VAT excluded) will range from €7.98 to €18.09,” the decision says. In addition, wholesale prices of Internet access will be reduced by 8.1%.

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