Clinical Center of Montenegro getting bigger

According to the list of the priority projects, Montenegro is planning to build  two facilities for three clinics in the Clinical Center of Montenegro which will be worth 7,4 million EUR- clinic for infectious diseases, dermatology and venereology and a psychiatric clinic.

„The existing facilities of those clinics are dilapidated and they are located on the place which doesn’t belong to the Clinical Center of Montenegro. That’s the reason why they don’t function properly“, it’s stated in the list of the priority infrastructure projects.

The Clinical Center of  Montenegro, with the consent of the Ministry of Health, designed a conceptual solution of the projects for the three clinics, and construction of the main projects is in progress.

The estimated project value is around 7,4 million EUR.

At the beginning of 2018, the donation worth 200.000 EUR was provided for the construction of the clinic for psychiatry, and CdM wrote about it. This facility has been almost out of use for decades and now the conditions there are somewhat better.

Now, the country’s negotiating with the European Commission with the aim of providing financial funds for the construction of the clinic for infectious diseases and dermatology and venereology, whose estimated value amounts 4,5 million EUR.

This project has been supported as being the priority in the domain of healthcare.

„Part of the funds will be spent on the equipment of labs on the central and local level, and the rest is aimed at supporting the implementation of reforms in the area of social policy and pre-school education“, reports the Government.




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