Constitutional Court revoked the verdict in the case of Slavoljub Šćekić

Ljubo Bigović

Accused of the murder of police inspector Slavoljub Šćekić, will stand trial again as the Constitutional Court of Montenegro revoked the verdict delivered in this case. In the meeting of the Constitutional Court aimed at deciding upon appeals of the accused Ljubo Bigović and Saša Boreta, the court decided to revoke the verdict of the Supreme Court of Montenegro, delivered on 20 October 2015 and ordered retrial.

Constitutional Court decided that the right to trial in a reasonable time of Saša Boreta and Ljubo Bigović has been violated.

This does not mean that they will waive criminal responsibility. The Constitutional Court decided upon the violations of the Constitution and Convention of Human Rights and Freedoms.

At the end of March, the European Court established that the country violated Ljubo Bigović’s right to prohibition of torture due to the conditions of his imprisonment, as well as right to freedom of personal identity.

Saša Boreta, Ljubo Bigović, Milan Šćekić and Ljubo Vujadinović were accused of the murder of Mr Slavoljub Šćekić, committed on 30 August 2005 and convicted to years of prison.

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