Courts in Serbia still sitting on Marović extradition demand

Svetozar Marović

Serbia’s Justice Ministry still hasn’t responded to the request from Montenegro to extradite Svetozar Marović and his son, Miloš. Montenegro’s Ministry of Justice sent the extradition demand a month ago. It also required Miloš Marović, who has been convicted of fraud in Montenegro but granted the Serbian citizenship afterwards, to start serving his jail sentence ASAP. However, it seems that courts in Serbia are still sitting on these extradition demands, writes Dan daily.

“Until now, Montenegro’s Ministry of Justice hasn’t received any feedback of the responsible Serbian authorities referring to the request of Montenegro to extradite Svetozar Marović. In addition, his son, Miloš Marović, should serve his jail sentence as soon as possible. Montenegro’s state bodies have used all the available mechanisms in the international justice and police cooperation so that both of them could start serving their jail sentence to which they had been convicted in Montenegro,” the Ministry of Justice told Dan daily.

Mr Svetozar Marović has not obeyed a call from Montenegro to return home and serve his prison sentence because, according to his lawyers, he has been undergoing medical treatment in Belgrade.



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