Criminal retaliation continues: Djurickovic shot dead in his car; the police on the trail of killers


Djurickovic, who drove VW Tiguan car, was shot by more than one person last night at about 11.10pm. Police are trying to identify the persons.

According to information obtained by CDM, he was shot in his head twice. He died of wounds sustained at 1pm at the Clinical Centre of Montenegro in Podgorica.

Cetinje was blocked last night. According to the preliminary investigation, a number of casings were found at the site.

Police officers quickly determined the direction where the perpetrators fled.

They also found a burnt Renault Megan car in Rijeka Crnojevica and an automatic rifle in it.

“The vehicle, rifle and other items and traces will be analysed in the Forensic Centre. Intensive search led to the operative information on the brand and type of the vehicle in which the perpetrators fled after burning the Renault Megan car”, the Police Directorate stated.

Djurickovic was Goran Radoman’s kum (best man or godfather). Radoman was killed in Belgrade and it is suspected that the murder was ordered from Montenegro.

It was speculated that his death was connected to 300kg of cocaine, worth €15m, which was lost in Valencia.

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