Crisis tax also in 2016; the tax rate decreased to 11%


“During the discussion, it was emphasised that in addition to stabilising public revenues, the Government is making efforts to gradually relieve the economy through a balanced approach”, the Government stated.

The government has approved the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Takeover of Joint Stock Companies.

“Its adoption creates a real basis for improvement of the regulatory framework in this area, as well as in entire capital market in Montenegro. Due to the fact that it is one of the systemic laws of the capital market, the proposed amendments represent a step towards full harmonisation of this field with the EU regulations, to the extent that is currently applicable”, the Government said.

The Government concluded that the level of protection of minority shareholders in the conduct of takeovers would be significantly increased by the updated provisions, which is the primary purpose of the Act.

The Government has adopted the Regulation amending the Regulation on detailed criteria and the methodology for determining the market value of real estate.

“These amendments create the legal preconditions for more realistic determination of the market value of real estate, as the basis for determining the real estate tax,” it was noted at the meeting.

As part of the consolidation of the fiscal measures of local governments, the Government adopted the Information on the rescheduling of the tax debt of municipalities Andrijevica and Zabljak.

In the regular procedure, reporting on the implementation of the European agenda, the Government adopted the Seventh Quarterly Report on overall activities in the process of Montenegro’s integration into the European Union, for the period July-September 2015.

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