Current situation in the Airports of Montenegro doesn’t guarantee success

Vasilije Kostić

No one can guarantee us success if we decide to keep the Airports of Montenegro in the same condition, as the state management of resources is less efficient than the private one, a professor at the Faculty of Management in Herceg Novi and economic analyst, Vasilije Kostić, told Dnevne Novine daily.

When it comes to concessions as a form of business partnership, he explained: “There are two dilemmas in this sense. The first one: is this form of partnership adequate, that is, desirable, and the second one, if the answer is yes – what’s the content of the concession act.”

To be more precise, when the concession is not an adequate form, if you determine well the concession act, you might have done a good job.


The peak summer season is coming to an end and key indicators say we have realized positive results so far and are going to witness positive outcomes in the end of the year as well.

Mr Kostić believes that tourism represents a driving force of the Montenegrin economy, but that the country still doesn’t deal with the right indicators in this area. Namely, financial results are extremely important for several reasons. As tourism represents the export of services due to the large number of tourists, it is not used properly to correct the country’s outstanding balance.


The first motorway section, according to the latest announcements, is going to be completed in Sept. next year.

On this matter, Mr Kostić said: “We can see that the motorway construction significantly affects the growth of the Montenegrin economy, and its completion will significantly influence it as well.”

Even though there were certain delays in the construction, the completion of the first motorway section, according to him, would contribute to the better economic situation in the whole country.

The key moment will be when the first cars drive along the motorway.

It is, however, difficult to foresee how the motorway would exactly affect the Montenegrin economy in the coming period.



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