Damjanovic in the United States: Bar and MNE to become energy hub of the WB

Foto: Ministarstvo finansija

The Montenegrin Finance Minister, Aleksandar Damjanovic, met with representatives of the United States Department of State – Michael Tracton, Director of the Office of Investment Affairs, Jay Lovell, Deputy Director of the Energy Office, Jonathan C. Thompson, Director of the Program for Facilitating Affairs of the Office of Commercial and Business Affairs, Michael R. Rusek, financial expert in the Office of Commercial and Business Affairs, and Tom Moore, European Energy Advisor in the Energy Office.

“The topic of the meeting were economic relations between Montenegro and the United States, particularly cooperation in the energy field,” the Ministry of Finance said.

They jointly assessed that the issues concerning energy security, diversification and transformation towards renewable sources and the so-called “clean” energy are of paramount importance for both countries. In this sense, they discussed the possibility of building an LNG terminal (liquid gas terminal) in the Port of Bar, which would position Bar and Montenegro as a kind of an energy hub of this part of the Western Balkans.

The meeting was also attended by Nebojsa Todorovic, a charge d’affaires in the Montenegrin embassy to the US.


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