Damjanović: We won’t sit at the same table with Democrats


The special MPs club will not attend the meeting gathering the representatives of the opposition parties, convened by the leader of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Ms Draginja Vuksanović Stanković, as we won’t sit at the same table with the ones who took us positions in the Committee on the Reform of Electoral and Other Legislation, that is, with the Democrats, Mr Aleksandar Damjanović told Pobjeda daily.

Ms Vuksanoić Stanković earlier called on the leaders of the opposition parties and the representatives of the parliamentary groups who expressed readiness to work in the Committee for the Comprehensive Reform of Electoral and Other Legislation, to meet in order to define a common platform for negotiations with the representatives of the govt.

Mr Damjanović told Pobjeda daily he had already talked to Ms Vuksanović Stanković and informed her that “there is a more important matter that must be resolved.”

The Democrats still hasn’t answered the invitation of the SDP leader. Seven days ago, they just announced their leader, Mr Aleksa Bečić, was going to be absent on that particular day, and that the Committee members, Mr Momo Koprivica and Mr Danilo Šaranović, should decide whether they’d come. Their decision is still unknown so it’s uncertain if the meeting planned for 3 or 5 Sept. will take place.




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