Darmanović: It is our duty to commit to the heritage of the Council of Europe

It is our duty to commit to the heritage of the Council of Europe in the year of celebrating its 70th anniversary and to contribute to successful response to the challenges and changes we are witnessing in today’s Europe, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Srđan Darmanović, in the meeting of Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe held in Helsinki, while adding that Montenegro is strongly committed to maintain common values of all European nations.

Current challenges, modalities for reinforcing activities of the Council of Europe. Long-term efficiency of the system of European Convention on Human Rights and cooperation between the Council of Europe and the EU were in the focus of discussion.

Mr Darmanović pointed out our absolute commitment to the fundamental principles of the Council of Europe, and emphasized its great contribution to the reform processes in Montenegro and the establishment of institutional capacities.

“Council of Europe has contributed to the establishment of crucial values on the European continent, in the context of strengthening rule of law and democratic principles”, said the Minister.

The Ministers pointed out the necessity for coordinated action in order to reinforce the ability of the Organization to react accordingly in the situations in which some country is violating its legal responsibilities or fails to meet the standards, fundamental principles or fails to respect the values that the Council of Europe advocates for.

Today France took over half-year Presidency over the Committee of Ministers. Minister Darmanović pointed out that Montenegro would keep contributing to the priorities of French Presidency – strengthening the system of the European Court of Human Rights, protection of the most vulnerable population and further promotion of the Istanbul Convention.

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