Details on arrest of Jovica Vukotić

Jovan Vukotić

Jovica Vukotic, a Kotor resident and member of Škaljari clan, was arrested with two more people, Igor Vukotić and Stevan Stamatović, who police appear to have identified as his brothers, according to the Montenegro National Police and the Special State Prosecutor’s Office. Vukotić was extradited to Serbia and has reportedly been detained.

They were arrested in Turkey’s resort Antalya three days ago and were carrying fake passports. The whole operation was successfully carried out thanks to the police’s operational information, writes Pobjeda, a daily.

He was found in an apartment with a woman, believed to be a foreign national, and had been staying in Antalya for about 40 days. Vukotić was arrested on a Greek warrant, while his family still denies that Jovan’s brother Igor was arrested as well.

Montenegro is not looking for Jovica Vukotić but his brothers, Igor and Stevan Stamatović, are suspected of having committed serious offences.

According to Dan, a daily, Jovica will probably be released from detention, and will be accused of falsifying documents, but his arrest represents part of the actions aiming to jail several more serious offence suspects from Montenegro’s capital, Bar and Kotor.

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