Committee decided: DF MPs’ immunity lifted

Foto: CDM

The Administrative Committee will propose the Parliament to lift immunity of Democratic Front (DF) PMs Milan Knezevic, Branko Radulovic, Milutin Djukanovic and Marina Jocic due to incident that occurred in February.

The decision was supported by ruling coalition’s votes.

DF MPs who attended the committee session left the room before the voting.

The session was previously interrupted because of the incident between the committee chairman Luigj Shkrelja and DF MP Janko Vucinic.

DPS MP said that the event that occurred in the Parliament hall in February was “a disgrace”.

“What is obvious is that we, like all citizens, are equal before the Constitution and the law. Today, we are only acting according to the law and the relevant state bodies will decide how the case will end,” Vuletic said.

He called on DF MPs to return to the dialogue. DF MP Strahinja Bulajic replied that it was impossible “when you compromise someone like DF”.

Photo: CDM

At the beginning of the session, New Serb Democracy (NOVA) leader Andrija Mandic said that the state terror against Democratic Front (DF) was continued.

“If they continue this way, we will have the entire DF caucus in front of some of the courts,” Mandic said at the session of the Administrative Committee.

He repeated that the MPs did not come to stop the boycott, but they “were in a state of self-defence”.

“It is not good to lift immunity of MPs who did nothing different from the things usual in all the world parliaments. Some people here would like Montenegrin Parliament to be like the one in North Korea – nodding to the great leader Milo Djukanovic,” Mandic said.

He pointed out that DF MPs would attend the Parliament session when the immunity issue is to be discussed.

Movement for Changes (PzP) leader Nebojsa Medojevic said that the incident that happened in the Parliament should be resolved in the Parliament. Therefore the immunity of DF MPs should not be lifted.

“If you think that a special prosecutor who is a military service officer is more important than collegiality, then let it be so,” Medojevic said.

He pointed out that MPs’ immunity should not be lifted because of what is happening in Parliament.

“Immunity to democracy and the Parliament of Montenegro is being lifted today. We will continue our fight,” Medojevic said.

He told the committee chairman Luigj Shkrelja that “they know everything that was happening in DPS and that they were getting information from the heart of the National Security Agency (ANB)”.

DF MP Branka Bosnjak asked why the committee had not reacted when former prime minister Milo Djukanovic called MP Dritan Abazovic “bastard”.

MP Janko Vucinic said that DPS leader had ordered the party’s MPs yesterday to lift DF MPs immunity.

“The persecution of our MPs is evident,” Vucinic said.

Photo: CDM

The MPs whose immunity was discussed did not attend the session.

As a reminder, the Podgorica Basic State Prosecutor’s Office required lifting the MPs’ immunity because of the reasonable suspicion that the DF members “had committed a criminal offense of violent behaviour”.

Jocic slapped DPS MP Marta Scepanovic and even admitted that at the hearing, stating that it was a “political slap”.

Radulovic insulted DPS caucus chairman Miodrag Bobo Radunovic. The President of the Administrative Committee Luigj Shkrelja was threatened, as well as DPS MP Miodrag Vukovic.

The incident happened in Parliament hall on 15 February and videos of it were published by media.

MPs including Knezevic, Djukanovic, Radulovic and Scepanovic were questioned and the inquiry in the case was finished at the end of April.


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