Diaspora is mostly interested in acquiring Montenegrin citizenship

The issue of acquiring and keeping Montenegrin citizenship as top interest of the members of diaspora. Montenegrin diaspora strongly supports  the current course of our state policy and criticizes great ideologies aimed against stability, peace, secularity, independence, integrity and sovereignty of Montenegro, it was stated at the electronic session of the council on cooperation with diaspora.

“The Law on Montenegrin Citizenship is pretty restrictive in terms of requirements for acquiring citizenship for descendants of emigrants from Montenegro. On the other side, many emigrants born in MNE, have lost Montenegrin citizenship due to the acquisition of citizenship of countries where they live and work. This policy makes Montenegro lose chance to preserve the identity of its diaspora”, it wss said.

With a policy like this one, we are surely losing our old diaspora on the states of Lain America and North America and Turkey.

“We must acknowledge the fact that Montenegro is country of its emigrants. Due to political implications, the fact that citizenship is the strongest connection between diaspora and homeland is often neglected”, the statement said.

With the aim of dealing with this issue, the Council wants full understanding of the Government of Montenegro and competent authorities. The Council will submit to them written initiative with the proposal to consider liberalization of requirements for acquiring and keeping dual citizenship.

Initiative for amendments to the Law on Election of Councilors and MPS

The Council is set to launch an initiative for amendments to the legislation in such a way to enable exercise of voting right of interested members of diaspora.

That would strengthen connection between diaspora and Montenegro. The Council has decided to set this initiative as wide as possible and leave possibility to those who are in position to amend this law.

Preservation of identity and strengthening sense of belonging to Montenegro

The council has pointed at the importance of preserving identity, language, culture and tradition among members of our diaspora around the world and the need for more active relationship between competent state authorities and the issue and needs of our diaspora.

In that context, the Council will address the ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs as these addresses could have an impact on the creation of straightforward and predictable state policy of preserving identity of diaspora.

Improvement of scientific cooperation and economic partnership

The Council points at professional, scientific and economic potential that diaspora can have on Montenegro.

“Competent state institutions should deal more seriously with diaspora, as bond with professional and scientific knowledge that developed states use.

Gratitude to diaspora for humanity

The Council has expressed its gratitude to individuals, associations and organizations of our diaspora and emigrants in the world who have shown humanity over the past several months.

Political message

Montenegrin diaspora strongly supports general and current course of Montenegrin politics aimed towards further strengthening of partnership with friendly states.

By advocating, lobbying, and by using other forms of public and political actions, Montenegrin diaspora will continue to support and help Montenegro on its European path.

Montenegrin diaspora harshly condemns all great state ideologies aimed against stability, peace, secularity, , independence, integrity and sovereignty of Montenegro.


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