Did detainees Pavicevic and Trbo provide logistics for Djuric’s murderer?


Trbo and Pavicevic were arrested in Glava Zeta at Bogetici immediately after police found 20 grams of heroin in their golf 4 car.

After being arrested, the police quickly revealed the men had started the day in Kotor and later travelled to Podgorica where they visited Spuz. Police are checking what the men were doing in Spuz precisely on the day of the murder.

For the time being, Trbo and Pavicevic are only charged with illegal drugs possessing and they have been detained 72 hours upon prosecutors’ request.

Currently, it is known that Djuric was shot by a sniper rifle on Thursday at 6:15pm while he was walking in the prison yard. He was shot in the hearth and the bullet passed through the shoulder blade.

A well informed Dnevne Novine’s source said that Djuric had been aware that his life was endangered. Therefore he did not go to regular walks or to the gym in the prison during the last ten days.

Thus he made the shooter’s “job” harder, since he obviously had to come to the same location for days and wait for Djuric to go out into the prison yard.

Since Djuric was killed by a single, very precise shot, the police assume it was done by a professional. However, during the escape the perpetrator did not bring a chair on which the rifle was put on. The chair was sent to the Forensic Centre in Danilovgrad for expert analysis, in order to check whether the killer left any traces there.

According to DN’s information, police assume that the killer who was probably hired from abroad and that he left the country the same day after the murder.

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