Disease of the opposition progresses rapidly

Ranko Đonović

Political analysis and publicist, Mr Ranko Đonović, says in the interview for Dnevne novine, that any positive process in Montenegro is blocked by frustrating desire for power at any cost. That desire is based on hatred for Montenegro, for the governing coalition, DPS and its leader, Mr Milo Đukanović.

“As this negativity is ongoing, and since hatred causes more hatred, Montenegrin opposition is stirring up hatred among themselves, leading to hatred for their own being. Once again, they are trying to seize part of the executive power using shortcuts and blackmailing, in contravention of democratic principles and people’s will”, says Mr Đonović when asked to comment on the work of the Committee on the Reform of Electoral and Other Legislation.

He points out that the opposition knows very well that they wouldn’t be able to take the power that easily.

“They are afraid of themselves. Nietzsche’s view that fear lies in hatred, is very obvious here. To conclude, the disease of the Montenegrin opposition has reached an advanced stage”, points out Mr Đonović,

The request opposition submitted to the Administrative Board for a representative of Special caucus to be part of the Committee is a technical thing and doesn’t change the situation.

Mr Đonović thinks that Democrats keep insisting on technical government in order to seize the power in the most perfidious way and then bring Montenegro back to the 1990s position.

“Their leader reminds us of some “God forbid times” and “God forbid leaders”. Claims that they have an agreement with international community on the establishment of some sort of technical government is ridiculous. Who are those representatives of the international community, I guess we must not ask. For now, we can be sure it’s not this international community”, says Mr Đonović.

He thinks it would be fun to see the attempt to create civil-oriented coalition.

“We haven’t seen anything similar ever since the 1990s, when the political goal of civil parties was sovereign civil state of Montenegro. And although those were tough times, we very successful in many ways”, recalls Mr Đonović.

Today, when we live in a sovereign state which has achieved important democratic successes and economic results, somebody joins efforts with nationalistic retrograde forces. Why? For the better state and better life in it. What an absurd, says Mr Đonović.


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