Djokovic family in Porto Montenegro, vacationing in their yacht


In a cafe neer the port, Srdjan Djokovic rested shortly, and then headed towards the yacht upon the call from his wife Dijana, by who the yacht was named upon. 

Dijana Djokovic set up everything earlier with the help from the guys from the marina and everything was ready for afternoon enjoyment. 

Just like every year, Djokovic family is resting in Porto Montenegro where they own an apartment too, but Dijana likes to spend days sailing around Adriatic. That is why Srdjan is using this opportunity to go to the cafe and have a chat with his friends and neighbors from Porto Montenegro. 

Luxury yacht of Djokovic family is always full of their friends and good food, so it only remains to be said – without Dijana there’s no good time on “Dijana”. 

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