Djukanovic also signed the agreement on free and fair elections


On behalf of DPS, the agreement was signed by the party leader Milo Djukanovic, whereas leaders of URA and Demos, Zarko Rakcevic and Miodrag lekic and the vice president of SDP Mirel Radic-Ljubisavljevic signed it on behalf of their parties.

As CdM news portal learns, Radic-Ljubisavljevic signed the agreement instead of Ranko Krivokapic, as a response to, as a source form the party put it, DPS’s actions related to dismissals.

After the agreement is signed, conditions for scheduling the Parliament’s session at which the lex specialis will be discussed are created. In addition, MPs will discuss the new ministers in the government of Montenegro and the confidence in the Speaker of the Parliament, Ranko Krivokapic.

According to the agreement, the opposition will receive ministerial posts in the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and the Ministry of Agriculture, a deputy prime minister’s post, as well as posts of assistants with special powers in the ministries of health and education.

In addition, the opposition will get more than 50 posts in state-owned companies, as well as about 150 posts on the administrative and advisory levels.

As CdM learns, after signing the agreement, representatives of SNP, Demos, URA and SDP met in order to discuss personnel solutions.

Demos, URA and SNP agreed not to enter coalition with DPS before or after elections; SDP did not

Leader of URA Zarko Rakcevic said that the agreement on free and fair elections represented a capital of Montenegrin people and a step forward for the civic state.

SNP is the only party that has not and will not sign the agreement. However, its MPs will vote for the lex specialis – the special law that would allow the implementation of the agreement. It is interesting that, despite this, the party is interested in the posts that the opposition will get based on the agreement.

“I believe SNP will participate in the government”, Rakcevic said.

The position of the Positive Montenegro (PCG) is still controversial. Despite the fact the party claims it belongs to the opposition, other opposition colleagues do not see it in that way.

“As far as we are concerned, PCG is not the opposition and it will not be included in the opposition quota. PCG representatives will not be on the list for the posts of controllers in the government, institutions and state-owned companies”, Rakcevic said.

The session of the Parliament at which the lex specialis is to be passed, the new government elected and Krivokapic’s dismissal discussed will be held on Wednesday or Thursday, Rakcevic said.

He did not want to talk about the names of the future ministers from the opposition, but noted that URA did not want those posts. However, it is not ruled out that URA will suggest appointing a non-partisan figure as one of the ministers.

Another curiosity of today’s meeting of the opposition in the Parliament is that URA, Demos and SNP signed a declaration according to which they are committed not to enter pre-election or post-election coalitions with DPS. However, SDP did not do that, although it is currently the biggest opponent of DPS.

“This declaration is open to all. I do not rule out that SDP will sign it at some time”, Rakcevic said.

Demos: We remain committed to our political path

After signing the agreement, Demos stated that the document represented an important step towards the democratisation of the Montenegrin society and implementing a mechanism by which the next elections would be a fair political competition.

Demos also said that the lex specialis was expected to be passed under a shortened procedure in the Parliament.

According to the party, the democratic public expects the opposition parties to be consistent in the struggle to establish the rule of law and efficient in decriminalising the system.

“Feeling a responsibility to the people, in cooperation with the opposition parties that participated in the negotiations on free and fair elections, Demos is the creator of the declaration – a political statements –the signatories of which are committed not to enter either pre-election or post-election coalition alliances with DPS in the next general elections scheduled for October 2016”, Demos added.

The declaration has been signed by Demos’s president Miodrag Lekic. Thus, the party sends a clear message to the Montenegrin public that it remains consistent in its political path of liberation of the country from the destructive DPS’s governance.

BS: It is important to achieve as much trust in the election process as possible

Bosniak Party stated that it had truly and actively participated in the parliamentary dialogue and supported to the democratic step forwards that will lead to the holding of free and fair elections.

“The signing of such an agreement is very important because it creates the prerequisites for entering the election campaign with more trust than before, in a better atmosphere and with less controversy”, BS said.

At the same time, the agreement represents an additional impetus to the EU and NATO integration, to which Montenegro aspires as a society.

“By signing the agreement, the preconditions for broad social and political deal on the electoral process and for the non-disputed election results are created. It is important to achieve as much trust in the election process as possible and to avoid abuses from either side, in order to be more stable and safer after the elections”, BS added.

As it said, BS will participate in the executive branch in the coming period and support to all the progressive processes.

Liberals: We will not support the lex specialis in the Parliament

The Liberal Party is unlikely to support the lex specialis in the Parliament, the president of the party, Andrija Popovic, said.

He added that he had seen a draft lex specialis and did not believe the proposal would be significantly improved.

“The primary goal is to organise and implement fair and free elections this year, thus establishing political stability in the country”, he said.

Popovic fears that, despite all the invested efforts, the blockade of the Parliament’s work for a long period, lex specialis and general elections conducted according to it, there would be political entities unsatisfied with the outcome, who would say there was a fraud and that the elections must be annulled.

Commenting in the upcoming Parliament’s session, Popovic said it would certainly be turbulent and that it might be difficult to adopt lex specialis, which suspends many basic regulation of the Constitution of Montenegro until the general elections.

“It suspends the constitutionality and legality, so it is questionable which political entities will vote for such a law”, Popovic concluded.

SD signed an agreement: We contributed to reaching the agreement

Social Democrats of Montenegro (SD) believe that the overall process that preceded the creation of conditions for signing the agreement and its further implementation will once again confirm the validity of European and Euro-Atlantic perspective of Montenegro and respect for the values ​​on which it is based.

“After that, no one will not be able to call into question new, certain electoral victory of progressive political forces, which Social Democrats of Montenegro will be an essential part of”, the party said in a statement.

It also pointed out the need for full respect for the legal order and constitutional order of Montenegro during the implementation of the agreement.

“By active participation in the parliamentary dialogue, we have given a contribution to achieving an agreement between the government and part of the opposition”, SD stated.

The party fully supported signing the agreement.

“The Social Democrats will actively participate in all initiatives, arrangements and agreements aimed at improving democratic processes in Montenegro”, the party said.

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