Djukanovic for CdM: Media maliciously associate me with Paradise Papers

I have nothing to do with the Paradise Papers affair and the media that maliciously associated me with it did it only to harm me, attorney Ana Djukanovic told CdM.

According to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists ICIJ database, Ana Kolarevic, sister of DPS leader Milo Djukanovic, was a shareholder of the Ranin company, registered in Malta in 2012. She gave 50% of the company’s shares to Radomir Vukcevic in October 2015. Then he replaced her as a director of the company.

The ICIJ portal also says that Kolarevic and Vukcevic were also directors of the Ruukki International Ltd, a Maltese branch of the Finnish company specialised in mining and ore processing, which was closed in October 2017.

Nevertheless, the ICIJ website specifically emphasises that it does not want to imply that people, companies or other entities involved in their database have violated the law or acted incorrectly in some other way.

Screenshot: ICIJ

“Since I have been once again exposed to manipulation and rough spinning by a certain group of media again, I find the public should be aware of what is the only truth about the yesterday’s headlines in those media outlets.

I have been put into the context of a wider affair I had nothing to do in a malicious and calculated way, contrary to the rules of journalistic profession and ethics.

I was briefly in the founding and managerial structure of companies based in Malta, an EU member state whose law is applied there. It only speaks about the transparency of the founders.

Neither the companies nor related legal entities did then or later make any profit, because the conditions for the companies to start operating were not met.

Bearing all this in mind, it is clear that the sensationalist approach was calculated to harm me, and this will certainly be the subject of court proceedings,” Djukanovic told CdM.


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