Domestic seasonal workers should be offered permanent employment

Illustracija, foto: Pixabay

Lack of domestic workforce during the summer season is an issue Montenegro has been struggling with every year. Employers say: we lack skilled domestic workers, while workers say: job conditions are poor. A research carried out by the Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce in April this year suggests that in the area of tourism, employers mostly have problems to find qualified cooks, waiters, bartenders etc… This institution believes that it’s necessary to actively promote these professions to future students and align the educational programs with the needs of the labor market. In addition, seasonal workers should be offered indefinite employment contracts, and the state should assist.

“It is necessary to analyze the situation in the labor market and see whether the Labor Law can be amended with regard to the introduction of the so-called ‘permanent seasonal workers’. In this way, the unemployed would be motivated as they might enter the employment for an indefinite period of time,” the Chamber of Commerce said.

This is already happening in Croatia, for example, where the ‘permanent’ seasonal workers work for at least 6 months while for other months they get 60 per cent of their gross salary.

According to data of the Employment Agency of Montenegro, a total of 11,473 domestic workers have been engaged on seasonal jobs this year. Last year, 9,229 domestic seasonal workers entered the employment.





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