Drljević expects significant results in the area of rule of law

Aleksandar Drljević

Chief Negotiator for Montenegro’s Accession to the EU, Aleksandar Drljević, said that he expected higher degree of efficiency and more visible results in the area of rule of law. He insists on the results without compromise and claims that the coordination of the negotiation process has been brought to a higher level by the formation of European Integration Office  in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister. This is the clear message that the integration into the EU is the priority of the country.

“I was aware that a very difficult task is ahead of me and my whole team, from the very moment I was appointed to this function. But I was also determined to commit to it fully. Our main objective is the coordination of the work on the negotiation structure in order to fulfill the requirements of the chapters 23 and 24, as well as the communication and coordination with the European Commission and Member States. I have no doubt that we can complete these tasks with some changes in the organization and work of the negotiation structure”, said Drljević.

He believes that the formation of the European Integration Office means reinforcement of the coordination of the negotiation process.

“The message is clear – Integration into the EU is our country’s priority. The new model will enable better coordination of the work, within the Government, but also in the other branches of the authority. This will contribute to faster and better implementation of reforms and, therefore, the results on the field will be better. I expect greater efficiency in the area of rule of law in particular. I want results, visible results. And I will do my best to achieve them. My motto is work, work, work. I met with the European quality of life while living in Italy. And that’s the kind of life I want for my citizens. European quality of life is attainable”, said the chief negotiator.


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