Đukanović: European perspective still significant to Montenegro

Milo Đukanović (Foto: Portal RTCG)

President of Montenegro and leader of the Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS, Milo Đukanović claims that recently held elections marked a 20-year long political life in Montenegro. At the session of the Council for Monitoring the Electoral Program of the DPS, Đukanović told his party has been continuously protecting Montenegro from any destabilization attempts.

“In the 1997 elections, Montenegro opted for a specific position. Those were the times when citizens had to choose either the road towards the European quality of live or the one which could solely destroy their lives,” told Đukanović.

The DPS leader emphasized that over the past 20 years Montenegro restored its independence and headed towards the European perspective. “Economic growth remains our topmost priority and we should create more job opportunities&higher salaries,” said Đukanović, adding that another main goal is to develop institutional capacities.

Đukanović underlined that the state won’t give up the European values, but also urged the European partners to encourage Montenegro by appreciating all its efforts on the road to EU.

Europe must recognize progress Montenegro has achieved, according to Đukanović.







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