Đurović about Krivokapić’s decision: He could have informed me earlier, I’m a serious man

Goran Đurović

CEO of Cerovo Company, Mr Goran Đurović, who was the first candidate for minister of defense, claims that he was surprised by Mr Krivokapić’s decision. He informed him about the change 10 minutes before press conference.

“He called me ten minutes before the conference and told me he had changed his mind. That’s not clear. I told him I was surprised. If there were more candidates, he could have informed me earlier. I feel very uncomfortable because I’m a serious man and there’s no need for anyone to play with me. However, that’s his decision”, Mr Đurović said.

He said that he would return to his business without further polemic.

“I wish the new government success. I was willing to take the responsibility and duties. I was willing to leave my business and devote to the well-being of this country, but I guess Mrs Injac has better references and CV”, Mr Đurović said.

However, Mr Đurović didn’t want to elaborate on that because he doesn’t know Ms Olivera Injac.

I just think this could have been done in more humanly and more cultural manner”, Mr Đurović concluded.


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