€1,15 million for works in Mojkovac, Kolašin and Gusinje

The Government of Montenegro has earmarked €1,15 million for the implementation of projects planned by capital budget in the municipalities of Mojkovac, Gusinje and Kolašin.

Public Works Administration has signed three new contracts related to these projects.

Promenade in Mojkovac is going to be transformed into a location intended for sport and recreation purposes.

Public Works Administration has signed with the “Eurozoks” LLC from Danilovgrad a contract on the continuation of the construction of town market in Gusinje. This second stage of works eiil cost €480.000.

With the implementation of this project, residents of Gusinje will get a modern, well-equipped facility of 763 square meters, in accordance with all technological and sanitary standards. It will include green and dairy market, boiler room, premises designed for persons with disabilities, as well as space for public utility service and rescue and protection service.

Second phase of the reconstruction of Kolašin 150 –Kolašin 1600 road has been agreed as well.

“Eurozoks “company is going to build supporting walls next to the road as landslides have been serious problem in this section.

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