Electricity will be exported through Montenegro

Dragica Sekulić

Submarine cable testing is going according to plan. Once everything is finished and commissioned, anyone who wants to export electricity will have to do that over Montenegro, says Minister of Economy, Ms Dragica Sekulić.

She says that Ministry will decide in autumn which small hydro power plants will resume their functions and which won’t. Where local population opposes, there won’t be construction.

The most important energy project in Montenegro – submarine cable- is expected to become fully operational by the end of year.

“Equipment is being tested and everything’s going according to plan”, says Ms Sekulić.

The plan is to get a reliable energy system which will provide sufficient quantities of energy for citizens and economy. Apart from renewable energy resources, thermal  Power Plant has a major role.

“Thermal Power Plant won’t be a polluter it used to be. In combination with renewable energy resources, it will provide a solid and reliable mix of electricity supply”, added Ms Sekulić.

She said that small hydro power plants won’t be set up in places where local population disagrees with that.

Investments in distribution grid are the most important for citizens. In the next three years, around €80 million will be invested in construction and replacement of transmission lines, pillars, network…


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