EPCG Commission chooses the best bidder for Thermal Power Plant reconstruction

TE Pljevlja

Commission of the Electric Power Company of Montenegro (EPCG) in charge of the selection of the most favorable bid for the ecological reconstruction of Thermal Power Plan’s first block rendered a decision that bid submitted by Dec International-Bemax-BB Solar-Permonte consortium is the most favorable.

Every consortium submitted bids within the established deadline. Financial bids were the following: Shanghai Electric Group Co. Ltd. – €97.922.683, Hamon-Rudis – €72.539.500 and Dec International-Bemax-BB Solar-Permonte – €54.427.700, VAT included.

Tender documentation for the open procedure of the public procurement for the ecological reconstruction of Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja-Block I was published on 11 July after Board of Directors of EPCG decided that the investment should be implemented. The estimated value of the investment is €45 million, no VAT included, or €54.450.000 with VAT.

Holder of the consortium which submitted the most favorable bid is DONGFANG ELECTRIC INTENRATIONAL COPR, part of DONGFANG ELECTRIC CORPORATION LIMITED group. Its total property amounted to €11,7 billion last year and its total capital amounted to €3,9 billion. Company’s turnover amounted to around €3,9 billion , whereas net income amounted to €150 million.

Ecological reconstruction project is expected to be carried out by 2021 and it will provide functioning of the thermal and energy complex in Pljevlja for the next 20-30 years.

Reconstruction will meet the requirements and respect the most stringent parameters of environment protection stipulated in the latest EU Decision 2017/1442 of 2017. The project encompasses construction of desulphurisation system, enhancement of the work of electric filter plant as well as construction of the waste water treatment facility.

“Ecological reconstruction will provide that ell emissions and products of combustion and chemical processes are boiled down to reasonable levels, in accordance with the legislation and European directives on thermal emissions and coal emissions. Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja is one of the key parts of Montenegro’s energy system and is essential to its overall stability”, said the representatives of EPCG.


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